1) Do you offer free shuttle bus from the station?

No. Sorry, we don’t offer shuttle bus service. Please take a public shuttle bus.

More info – please check “Access” page.


2) Vegetarian meal available?

Yes, we can arrange a vegetarian meal. Please inform us when you book.

(We appreciate your specific info, for example no meat and fish but OK for

fish and chicken stock etc..)


3) I have food allergy.

Please inform us when you book.

(We appreciate your specific info)


4)Credit card available?



5) How to book a room?

Official website booking page is a newest availability.

Please check from      “BOOK NOW”


6) How long do I book a room in advance?

We open a room 6 month in advance.


7) I can’t make a reservation because my home address is not in Japan.

Japanese booking webpage only allows to fill in an address in Japan.

If you come from oversea, please use English booking webpage. – OK with

different country.

NOTICE: please do not fill the different home address in when you book. ( For example, the other Japanese hotel address or some addresses which is not your home country.)

8) Do you offer Higaeri-yu ( day trip spa ) ?

Yes, you can try our Onsen !!

Open hour : 10:00  – 15:00  ( Tuesday close for maintenance )

Price : Adult 800yen  Child 400yen

( incld Onsen fee and tax, relaxing at the river view lounge room )

– face / bath towels are available at the front desk.


*Any other inquiries ,

Room availability → Click here

Access → Click here

  or email to   naoi@taenoyu.com