Welcome to Nyuto Onsenkyo Taenoyu


Due to Japan to lift COVID-19 state of emergency, we will resume our business from June 1. As we follow the accommodation business guideline based on a new lifestyle, we prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and implement health and safety measures for our guests and employees.

Our new style.
For your comfortable stay, we implement health and safety measures.
1, Keeping up the social distancing, wearing a face mask, sterilization in the building.
2, Cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces.
3, Health management and action records to prevent the spread of infection.

It will be the green season soon. Staying at us will make you truly refreshed and relaxing with a bath in a natural hot spring, fresh local cuisine, and a walk through the beech forest.

Thank you for your understanding.
We look forward to your visit.

Nyuto Onsenkyo TAENOYU

The Taenoyu in Nyuto Onsen is a Onsen Ryokan (Hot sprin

gs Japanese-inn) with a very personal flair, family-run since 1952.
We welcome our guests to experience the real Onsen Ryokan experience.

A Stay in the Taenoyu is always a special time for our guests – no matter if you want to relax, discover, enjoy or celebrate together.



  • SAKURA-KAN (PHOTO) : Room with private toilet in the room, river view


  • TSUBAKI-KAN : Room with private toilet in the room, no specific view ( mountain, road etc…)


  • MOMIJI-KAN 【A】: Room with river view, no toilet and bathing area in the room (communal toilet on the same floor)


  • MOMIJIKAN【B】: Room with no specific view (mountain, road etc…), no toilet and bathing area in the room (communal toilet on the same floor)



We offer a Kaiseki style dinner made from Akita’s fresh local ingredients, and hearty Japanese style breakfast.
・Included dinner and breakfast at dining area.
・Taenoyu’s specialty “ mushroom soup “ – free refills
・If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement please inform us     when you book.



・100% Natural hot spring, you can enjoy two type of hot spring water Gold and Silver.
・Open 24hours
・Totally 2 indoor baths, 3 outdoor baths and 2 mix open-air baths.
・Private open-air bath with great river view ( booking required when you check in )


By train & bus

Bullet train “Shinkansen Komachi(新幹線こまち)” get off JR Tazawako(田沢湖) station.《Tokyo – (2h50min) – Tazawako  – (1h) – Akita》

From the station, take public bus “Nyuto Line(乳頭線)”- 45min – get off “taenoyu-mae(妙乃湯前)

★Bus time table from JR Tazawako station

6:55 7:45 8:45 9:40 10:40 12:25 13:20  14:20 15:35 16:35 17:20

By air

To Akita airport, there are some flights from…

Haneda airport (Tokyo), Itami airport (Osaka), Chubu centrair airport (Nagoya) and Shin-chitose airport (Hokkaido)

from Akita airport to Nyuto onsen, take bullet train and bus (as above) or take “Akita Airport liner” http://akita.airportliner.net/en/





1) Do you offer a free shuttle bus from the station?

No. Sorry, we don’t offer a shuttle bus service. Please take a public shuttle bus.

More info – please check the “Access” page.


2) Is a vegetarian meal available?

Yes, we can arrange a vegetarian meal. Please inform us when you book.

(We appreciate your specific info, for example no meat and fish but OK for

fish and chicken stock, etc..)


3) I have a food allergy.

Please inform us when you book.

(We appreciate your specific info)


4)Credit card available?



5) How to book a room?

Official website booking page is a newest availability.

Please check from      “BOOK NOW”


6) How long do I book a room in advance?

We open a room for 6 months in advance.


7) I can’t make a reservation because my home address is not in Japan.

Japanese booking webpage only allows to fill in an address in Japan.

If you come from oversea, please use English booking webpage. – OK with

international home address.

NOTICE: Please do not fill the different home address in when you book. ( For example, the other Japanese hotel address or some addresses which is not your home country.)

8) Do you offer Higaeri-yu ( DAY-SPA ) ?

Yes, you can try our Onsen !!

Open hour : 10:00  – 15:00

Close: Every Tuesday  10:00 – 15:30  for maintenance

Price: Adult 800yen  Child 400yen

( incld Onsen fee and tax, relaxing at the river view lounge room )

– face/bath towels are available at the front desk.

9) Do you open a private bathing room for day-tripper too? (DAY-SPA)

Yes, now day-trippers can reserve a private bathing room in advance.

Open hour: 10:00 ~ every one hour until 14:00 (Last entry)

Close: Every Tuesday as same as day-spa.

Price: 3,300yen / per hour + 800yen / per person.

(ex.  2 adult using private bathing room for 1 hour – 3,300yen + 800yen x 2)

How to reserve: Please email to reserve.akita@gmail.com

and send us your details as below.

Title: Taenoyu day-spa private bath reservation request

1) Name  2) Time  3) Contact phone number and Email

* Time has to be started from zero minutes. ex. 10:00~ 11:00~ 12:00~ 13:00~ 14:00~

9) Can I reserve a private bathing room in advance? (STAY-OVER)

Sorry, but we don’t take a private bathing room reservation in advance for our stay-over guests.

Please book a private bathing room when you check-in. ( First-come and first-reserve basis.)

10) How can I get to other Nyuto Onsens?

Some of Onsens are walking distance as below.

Ganiba — 3min — Ogama — 2min —【 Taenoyu 】— 5min — Kyukamura — 25min — Kuroyu — 5min — Magoroku — 20min — Ogama

If you would like to go to Tsurunoyu, or prefer not-walking, we recommend you to use Nyuto Onsen shuttle bus. ( Bus ticket is available at the front desk.)

About Nyuto Onsen shuttle bus and Onsen hopping → Check here! 


*Any other inquiries ,

Room availability → Click here

Access → Click here

  or email to   naoi@taenoyu.com